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4 Old School Sales Techniques you should never use (and if you are – STOP!)

October 6, 2016

People have been selling things since the dawn of time, whether it be ice to Eskimos or fish to market. Unfortunately many of the sales techniques being taught today appear to have come from bygone eras and have no place …

So how much is this going to cost me? aka “Don’t drop your pants on price”

September 22, 2016

I was with a client the other day and they mentioned a conversation they recently had with a prospect.

After a warm referral they made the initial phone contact, and a few minutes into the call the prospect asked the …

How many sales are you losing through poor Sales Process?

July 13, 2016

“To train or not to train?” – that is the question

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising to generate inquiries and yet spend nothing on training their salespeople to convert these same inquiries into sales.

A …

6 Ideas to Improve Your Sales

April 7, 2016

1. The hero of the story is not your product.

• Don’t focus on your product. This is absolutely key. Make the needs of the prospect your central focus. You can’t arrogantly assume that you can solve anything and they …

Starting 2016 the right way

February 2, 2016

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s break, it’s crazy to think we are already one month into 2016.

With that in mind, I wanted to write about one facet of something that many of us have …

Have you seen the white whale – the danger of relying on one or two large clients

October 13, 2015

In Herman Melville’s eponymous 1851 novel “Moby Dick” the crew of the Pequod seek out the mysterious and legendary white whale Moby Dick. I was thinking about the novel and how it relates to business and it got me thinking. …

What makes the best salespeople? aka the myth of the “gift of the gab” salesperson

August 24, 2015

It’s an age old adage that never seems to be shaken off. The idea of the ‘gift of the gab’ salesperson. It conjures up images of the sleazy car salesman with a polyester suit, and slick back hair who applies …

How to get through the winter slump

July 14, 2015

Winter is pretty tough; it can be cold and bleak. Unfortunately, for a lot of businesses winter correlates with a slump in trade. Often we accept this as part in parcel of being a business owner and as a result …

The Cost of Delaying Training

May 25, 2015

Many businesses delay sales training as other systems and budgeting demands take priority.

These delays come at a cost as sales are the only function in any business, with the exception of not for profit type businesses that bring in …

Top Eleven Networking Tips

October 1, 2014

As business people many of us see networking as something you just have to do. It means we can tick the box to say that we have been out and about drumming up contacts for future business

However it is …

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